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12 jun 2019

The information and networking event for the security professional about Cyber Security

This year’s conference will be looking into the latest evolutions with regard to cybersecurity, the upcoming of the Internet of Threats and will be helping you to identify how to protect your valuable data and other key assets in that context.

For organizations it’s no longer the question whether but rather when they will be getting hacked or when they will have to manage a (cyber)incident. The “new normal” even seems to be “assume that you are already hacked”… and hope you’ll discover fast enough instead of like one year later.

During this conference we will give the attendees a view of the current state of affairs shared by true experts in the field, we will glance at upcoming regulations which will give guidance to organizations and, as is the heart of Heliview’s cybersecurity conference, discuss the state of affairs with regard to currently available solutions which organizations can apply to increase their resilience against (cyber-) threats – see list of this year’s key subjects.

Locatie Square Meeting Center | Brussels
Datum: 12 juni 2019

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